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1st post in the community....

thanks to my beautiful sister we have this community, though it is lacking stories and whatnot. i decided to get this thing rolling.

[1] i am so use to cuddling with someone on the weekends that during the week i can't sleep peacefully. bleh. i know the story sucks, but it's true. i guess it has something to do with the whole scent of the person and the whole feeling secure wrapped up in the persons arms. if i could get away with it i would have someone to cuddle with all night.

[2] what is your favorite/most comfortable way to cuddle with someone? personally, i like when my other is on their back and i am laying on my side facing and their arms is cradling my neck and my ear is on the heart and the other arm is wrapped around me and my "top leg" is wrapped around somewhere.

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